About Us
About Us
The Brasseler USA® Philosophy
Quality products sold with integrity has been the hallmark of Brasseler USA® from the beginning. Brasseler USA®‘s strong reputation of providing high quality, clinician endorsed and innovative dental and medical instrumentation nationally has spanned 40 years. We have been offering a full-range of products made in the USA since 1976. Many of our products are manufactured at our headquarters in Savannah, GA and our manufacturing facility in Ventura, CA.

We provide product literature, recommended instructions for use and sterilization procedures, technique tips, training videos, continuing education opportunities and other resources to assist you with using Brasseler USA® products.

Expect Quality, Demand Brasseler®
Brasseler USA® offers a comprehensive line of dental and surgical instrumentation. Our direct sales model allows us to provide the highest quality instrumentation available at competitive prices. With more than 15,000 products to choose from, all made to exacting standards, we are confident we have the instruments to make each practice successful.

A blind survey of dental practitioners on dental diamonds showed that by a 2-to-1 margin over our closest competitor, Brasseler USA was rated the #1 diamond brand in Innovation, Precision, Quality and Assortment. Over the years, our success has spurred a number of competitors to claim their rotary products are “just like Brasseler USA’s.” While we understand imitation is the highest form of flattery, we would like to state what has been true since Brasseler USA was founded nearly 40 years ago: Genuine Brasseler USA® products are only available, directly to you, through your Brasseler USA® representative. You can only get genuine, innovative, predictable Brasseler USA® products from Brasseler USA®. No middlemen or distributors – Brasseler’s direct-to-customer sales model provides better value to customers. No other brand name. Only direct, and only from Brasseler USA®. 
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